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Xfce4 Volume Management Daemon


Xfce4-Volumed is responsible of making the volume up/down and mute keys of the keyboard work automatically, and uses the Xfce 4 audio mixer’s defined card and track for chosing which track to act on. It also provides volume change / mute toggle notifications if the notification server used supports x-canonical-icon-only and x-canonical-synchronous notifications.

This daemon is (a very tiny) part of Xfce 4. Pulseaudio users may want to fork the Thanks to Jannis, Jérôme, Lionel and others for their interest and insights.


An example of Xfce4-volumed being displayed by Xfce4-notifyd, from Jérôme Guelfucci

Get Involved!

Xfce4-Volumed (and possibly the audio mixer maintained by Jannis) is in high need of a new maintainer, as I don’t have the time to look into GStreamer-related bugs. Get in touch with the Xfce folks if you want to contribute to Free and Open Source Software!