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My Blog About FOSS

This is just a post to say “hello” and introduce my blog to the FOSS community. I’m a CS student who likes to develop for open-source projects, and I would like to share my work with the community.

So I am co-developing this website, a project that started in June 2009 with MùPùF, a real-life friend with common interests. The real purpose of creating a complete site is to add interest into ‘web-development’ and ‘just blogging’, which I both found boring :p.

I’ll take some time occasionnally to discuss various tech stuff, but not too seriously :)

As you can see the site is still a bit empty to date, but expect things to change soon. Most work is going into Django coding. As you can see we also have package repositories on the site; I have developed a ‘packages’ application, which I’m quite proud of ;)

I’m thinking about releasing it shortly.

Stay tuned!